Bollywood Actresses Who Won't Go Without Food to Look Excellent


Take a look at our celebrities who went under the knife or starved themselves to get a stunning body and you'll know. But then there are some who believe in looking good without any crash diets. In an interview recently, Top Chef host and model, Padma Lakshmi revealed that she loves food and wouldn’t starve to look good. And, she is not the only one. Here are some of our top celebrities from Bollywood who refused to stay hungry to look beautiful.

Sonakshi Sinha In Black Saree Pics

Almost everyone knows about Sonakshi Sinha’s weight loss endeavour before she made her debut with Salman Khan in Dabangg. The Bollywood actress was asked to lose 30 kgs, and she did it without crash dieting or starving! Sonakshi ate balanced meals, worked out religiously and got into water sports to look fit and gorgeous.

Huma Starve herself to look glamorous pics

Huma Qureshi who made her big debut last year, is now one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood. And whenever we have spotted her, she has impressed us with her pretty features and decent sense of style. Would Huma ever starve herself to look glamorous? No way, she says!

Kareena Kapoor Pics

Kareena Kapoor made headlines with her size-zero figure. Today, the A-list Bollywood actress wants to get curvy, and that too without crash diets and starving herself. With a focused exercise routine and a balanced diet, Kareena is sure setting an example.

Preity Zinta Pics

Preity Zinta wouldn’t starve herself to look beautiful. Preity believes that a balanced diet, proper exercise and a good amount of sleep can work wonders for those who are planning to shed some pounds.

Bipasha Basu pics

When you look at Bipasha Basu, you'd assume that the Bollywood hottie follows crash diets to stay toned. Surprisingly, the actress does not advocate starving oneself to look good. Bipasha believes in challenging her body by exercising daily and eating moderate meals throughout the day. We agree with that formula too!

Dia Mirza Pics

Dia Mirza follows a proper diet, and eats six to seven meals a day, but in small portions. And we agree with the fact that the formula does work in favour of those wanting to lose weight and look good at the same time. Image

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